Production Company, Bom, revealed the poster of upcoming movie “Countdown” today. Staring with well-known actress Jeon Do Yeon and actor Jung Jae Young, the filming of this action movie took four months and is set to hit theaters in September.

This is the second time the two working together since the movie “No Blood No Tears” back in 2002. In “Countdown,” Jeon Do Yeon plays the role of a beautiful former fraud, Cha He Yeon; while Jung Jae Young is a cruel debt collector, Tae Gun Ho. He has to save his own life in ten days by making a risky deal with her, yet in the end, they have no choice but to work with each other to survive.

The two both turn into these fierce characters in the poster. Jeon Do Yeon challenges a totally different role from what she had played before. With heavy smokey make-up and the expression which makes people wonder, she transforms into a “femme fatale” in the poster.