Most people can delete posts without anybody noticing, but that’s not the case for BTS, who have millions of followers on social media. No matter how strong their delete game is, it’s no match for ARMY’s speed. Here are 6 deleted posts that are still around, thanks to fans!


1. The vanishing “7”

On January 7, Map of the Soul: 7 was officially announced by Big Hit Entertainment on Twitter. On the same day, BTS dropped a mysterious hint that drove fans crazy with curiosity.

BTS tweeted the number “7” then quickly deleted it, but not before thousands of ARMYs saw it. To this day, BTS have never explained the tweet, but fans believe it was one of many hints about BTS’s ongoing theme for 2020, “7”.



2. Jungkook’s “10,000 Hours” cover

On July 28, Samsung brand ambassador Jungkook tweeted a short cover of “10,000 Hours” by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber from his iPhone. Fans believe that could be why he deleted it, then reuploaded it from his Android phone.



As soon as Jungkook sent his original recording into cyberspace, fans rushed to download it. As a result, two versions of Jungkook’s “10,000 Hours” cover now exist — forever!

3. V’s accidental selfie

On June 6, 2017, V tweeted photos taken by his photographer alter ego, Vante. A few hours later, he tried to upload another set of nature photos, but he accidentally included…

…this selfie. In the photo, V is wearing headphones and a filter with red glasses.

He fixed the post ASAP, but it was too late. ARMYs had already saved the selfie…

…and absolutely no one believed V when he denied being the person in it.

| @bts_twt/

“Please forget that last photo, I clicked the wrong thing. It isn’t me,” he said.

4. J-Hope’s “Spring Day” TikTok

Jungkook isn’t the only BTS member who has been outed by Twitter for using his iPhone. In honor of BANG BANG CON, J-Hope shared a TikTok video of himself dancing to “Spring Day” then immediately deleted it.

Afterward, he re-uploaded the video using his Android phone. J-Hope was probably hoping that nobody noticed, but his tweet lives on in ARMY’s screencaps.


5. V’s shirtless selfie

V’s deleted glasses selfie was an accident, but not all his deleted posts are. In fact, V loves to tease fans by playing the delete game on Weverse. In March, he shared this blurry, shirtless selfie and gave fans 30 seconds to see/save it.

bts v shirtless 2

6. V’s vanishing photo collection

Back in May, V shared a whole bunch of new photos with fans on Weverse, but only for a limited time. Fans are wise to V’s tricks now, so they hurriedly saved every photo before he deleted them. Check them out!

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

| V/Weverse

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| V/Weverse