Here is the preview for Protect the Boss Episode 5

Eun Seol: Is anything the matter?
Moo Won: I’m going crazy. I’m already doing it, what else do you want me to do?
JH’s dad: That said, we should start the forum.
MW’s mom: That old fox will definitly start from the forum
JH’s dad: Is this how you work?
Ji Heon: So do I just ignore that naive person who loses her shoes all the time?
Eun Seol: Ignore it.
Ji Heon: Do you want to be so close with CHa Mu Won?
Eun Seol: In director’s brain, have I really fallen in there?
Eun Seol: What should Director Cha do?
Eun Seol: What should I do? 

English translation posted by marie67 via Protect The Boss Soompi Thread