Actor Choi Jin Hyuk opened up about his acting experience with his senior, Choi Min Soo.

On the MBCSection TV” episode aired on December 21, Choi Jin Hyuk, who is currently starring the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Pride and Prejudice,” was interviewed.

When talking about Choi Min Soo’s he said, “He is very intimidating. Even he says so himself. He can make you shudder in fear and he says that he has his own special aura.” However, the actor also added, “Choi Min Soo is actually very cute. He is very misunderstood, but the truth is that he adores all the new actors and has a very sweet side to him.”

Additionally he said, “Choi Min Soo receives 300 dollars from his wife monthly. Sometimes he buys the cast pizza after coughing up two months worth of his allowance.”

“Pride and Prejudice” tells the story of prosecutors who try to fight the bad guys in the world while protecting the weak and poor. Choi Jin Hyuk plays the role of a young and passionate prosecutor who has a strong opinion and does not care about power or money. Choi Min Soo stars as a genius and ambitious prosecutor who is very practical and has big dreams planned ahead for him.

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