PRISTIN recently held an interview with The Fact, where they talked about a variety of topics such as ideal types, their debut, and more.

During the interview, each member had a chance to share the details of their ideal type. Rena started, saying, “I tend to treat my dad like a friend. No matter where I am, he always comes to pick me up and he always listens to me like a friend. He has a warm personality but he can also be cool-headed. And there’s a lot I can learn. My ideal type is someone like my dad.”

Kyla then shared, “My dad is also my ideal type. He has a calm voice so it’s nice to hear his voice. He also has a kind personality and is warm to others. I like warm-hearted people.”

Yehana also talked about her ideal type, saying, “I like someone who gives off a good impression when you see them for the first time,” while Roa said, “I like someone who likes me. I also like a person who I can learn a lot from.”

Kyulkyung then shared, “They doesn’t have to be good at everything, but my ideal type is someone who finds something unique that they’re good at. I have a really bright personality, so I also want someone like my dad where I can learn things from him.” “I like someone who makes me happy when I’m with them. Also someone who treats me in a way that makes me feel like I’m being loved,” said Xiyeon.

Nayoung then shared, “My ideal type is a warm person who is makes me feel comfortable when I’m with them. I also like someone who I can learn things from,” while Sungyeon said, “I like people who can make me laugh. It would be good if they also liked me.”

“I like someone who is dependable,” described Yuha. She laughed and added, “I also like someone who is fashionable because I’m really interested in fashion.” Eunwoo then shared, “I like someone who has a good sense of humor. Someone who accepts me and understands me. I also like it if they don’t have double eyelids.”

Meanwhile, PRISTIN previously made their debut with the title track “Wee Woo.”

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