In a recent interview, rookie girl group PRISTIN revealed which female idol groups they admired and respected the most.

Member Rena said, “Since we’ve just debuted and since each female idol group has their own charms, it’s difficult to pick just one group as a role model. Girls’ Generation has a lot of members like us and so they always have a great variety of formations and choreography movements in their performances, which is something we still need to learn from them.”

PRISTIN also named TWICE as a group they looked up to and said, “Their facial expressions and fresh charms are things we’d like to learn from them.”

Plus, the group also talked about fellow labelmate group After School and said, “The performance of our b-side ‘Black Widow’ was created with After School’s charismatic performance style in mind.”

Meanwhile, PRISTIN made their debut through their showcase with their track “WEE WOO.” 

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