“Produce 48” contestant Kim Do Ah, who was much-loved on the survival program for her refreshing honesty, will be making her debut this month!

Kim Do Ah’s agency, FENT, said on November 5, “Kim Do Ah will be debuting in November as a part of Flavor, the first unit of the group Fanatics.” Flavor is currently in the final stages of their preparations, and have finished recording, learning the choreography, and filming the music video.

Kim Do Ah, who finished with a final ranking of 23rd in “Produce 48,” missed the cutoff for the final group. She was a part of a fan-imagined group named YBY, which included Kim Na Young, Takahashi Juri, Kim Shi Hyun, Shiroma Miru, and Wang Yi Ren, but said in a recent interview that realistically, the group would be very difficult to put together.

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