BDC‘s Sihun debuted in Brand New Music‘s unit trio BDC back in October 2019, but his road to success wasn’t easy. In a new interview with K-POP IDOL OLYMPIC on YouTube, Sihun opened up about the time he broke down and cried in front of his mother.

Sihun first came to public attention when he competed on Produce X 101 in 2019. While he performed valiantly at A-rank and won the hearts of numerous viewers, he sadly finished in 27th place in the show’s penultimate elimination round. Between missing his opportunity to make it into X1 and changing from agency to another while he was still in high school, Sihun had a long road to debut.


Of course, like most trainees, Sihun had his low points. When asked to recall a day that was particularly hard, he remembered the time he broke down crying. Sihun explained that it all took place after his labelmates, MXM, held their More than Ever concert back in 2018. Sihun was one of the duo’s backup dancers at the time, so he joined them for dinner after the show.

MXM and their backup dancers | Brand New Music

Opening up about his feelings at the time, Sihun revealed, “I was having a really hard time then.” He went on to say he was afraid of meeting people and barely slept, getting just two to three hours of rest a day before heading to work. As such, at the dinner, everything reached boiling point and Sihun found himself breaking down in tears.


At dinner, I couldn’t help myself and just burst out into tears, telling people I was having a hard time.

— Sihun

But it didn’t stop there. Sihun continued crying on his way home, even in front of his manager. When he finally got off work, the BDC starlet headed to a small playground in front of his house and sat there idly for an hour. Eventually, Sihun says his mother called him to find out why he hadn’t arrived home, and Sihun told her where he was.


Naturally, his mother was full of worry. When she came down to find him, then 18-year-old Sihun couldn’t hold back. “That was when I first told my mom how I really felt inside,” he shared, adding, “I even cried in front of her.”


Noting that children don’t usually cry in front of their mothers, Sihun admitted that it was actually for the best. He says that after telling her the truth about his feelings, he slowly began to feel better. Sihun revealed that he doesn’t remember exactly why he broke down that day, but he still remembers it three years later.


The people I can trust and rely on the most are my parents. After telling my parents about it, I got better, little by little.

— Sihun