Starship Entertainment trainee and Produce X 101 contestant Koo Jungmoo is going viral for his visuals during the Produce X 101 blue carpet ceremony.

koo jungmo

koo jungmo4


Even as he steps out of the car, many are saying that he looks like an actor filming a movie.

koo jungmo1

Numerous netizens are also surprised by his height, saying that he didn’t look that tall in the episodes. Many were shocked to find that he’s actually 180cm tall! He also has a very small face, which many are envious of.

koo jungmo2 koo jungmo2

His side profile also shows that he has a sharp jawline, and fans compare it to being as sharp as a knife.

koo jungmo6 koo jungmo7 koo jungmo8

Many people have become more interested in him after these photos started circulating. He is currently ranked at #5 as of Episode 8.