TOP Media artist and current Produce X 101 contestant Lee Jinhyuk has fans shook over how long his legs are. Though fans already knew that he was tall, many didn’t expect his legs to be 114 centimeters long!

lee jinhyuk1

According to his official profile, he is 185cm tall. That means roughly 62% of his body is just legs!

lee jinhyuk2

Though blessed with long legs, Jinhyuk seems to have difficulty when crossing his legs or sitting next to other, his long legs making it difficult to fit comfortably.

lee jinhyuk3 lee jinhyuk4

But his legs definitely make his dancing stand out!

Not only that, but his arms are long too!

Korean fans have joked that if you want to see Lee Jinhyuk completely, you’ll have to go back all the way to the Joseon Dynasty and look from King Sukjong!

lee jinhhyuk5 lee jinhyuk6 lee jinhyuk7