While the majority of PRODUCE X 101 fans are celebrating the final debut lineup for the new group, X1, some netizens claim Mnet rigged the final votes.

Sh*t guys the difference between the votes are the same. What is this? Did they really manipulate the votes?

— @_cherryboy_1026


Netizens calculated the difference between some of the rankings from 1st to 11th and found that they all equaled to 29,978.

produce x 101 rigged votes 1 copy


As the controversy grew, other netizens found that there were also several rankings between 1st to 19th that also equaled the same number.

produce x 101 rigged votes 2

순위별로 표수 차이가 지나치게 일정해서 주작이다 오류다 말 나오는 중. 참고로 프로그램 화제성때문에 투표수를 뻥튀기하려고 배수로 투표수를 올렸다고 해도 말이 되지 않는 기적의 표수차이 정말 투표 결과가 이렇게 나온거라면 pd님 로또 사셔야 할 듯


Another netizen found that the number of votes and their differences are also multiples and sums of each other.

produce x 101 rigged votes 3


Netizens began to wonder if the mathematical similarities were simply an incredible coincidence, an error in the calculations, or manipulation of the final debut members by Mnet.

They demanded that the producers explain why the calculations had so many similarities.

produce x 101 rigged votes


Meanwhile, the final 11 members of X1 were announced today at the final episode and they will be preparing to debut very soon.