Renowned television producer Kim Jong Hak broke the hearts of fans and colleagues yesterday when news of his death was reported. His body was found in a small rented room, and after initial suspicions that his death was a suicide, it has finally been confirmed by the police.

A source from the Gyeong-gi Bundang Police Department stated, “We couldn’t find any evidence of homicide in Kim Jong Hak’s case, and the conclusion has been made that his death was a suicide.  The case will be closed today (July 24 KST), and the body will be not be autopsied.”

Kim Jong Hak’s body was found in a small rented room on July 23 around 10:20AM KST in Bundang, and in the bathroom there were half-burnt coals. The exit door was sealed with tape. Kim Jong Hak left a four-page note written for his family in which he apologized to them. 

His wake is currently being held, with family, friends, colleagues, and actors, such as Go Hyun Jung, Jo In Sung, Lee Jung Jae, Chae Si Ra, and Choi Min Soo going to pay their respects. Actress Kim Hee Sun, the female lead in Kim Jong Hak’s most recent drama, “Faith,” is reported to have visited also, dissolving into tears.

At the time of his death, Kim Jong Hak was under suspicion of fraud, and he was banned for travel, facing a lawsuit for not paying the cast members of “Faith,” along with charges of embezzlement. Regarding this, Song Ji Na, “Faith” writer and long-time collaborator with Kim Jong Hak, wrote on her website, “Kim Hee Sun put her name on the complaint because the unknown actors and staff said they couldn’t do it on their own and needed the help of someone more famous. It wasn’t against the director but the production company. But Kim Hee Sun is crying and crying because of that. Please don’t do that.”

Kim Jong Hak’s wake continues until July 25 at the Asan Hospital in Seoul. He will then be buried at the Sungnam Youngsaengwon Memorial Park. 

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