Recently, producer Shin Hyo Jung gave her thoughts on the success and the future of tvN’s hit variety program, “New Journey To The West.” PD Shin Hyo Jung is the co-producer along with PD Na Young Suk for the program, which has garnered a strong following from viewers due to the unscripted, raw format of the show.

Producer Shin Hyo Jung first commented on the role of Winner’s Song Mino and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, both of whom are new to the program. “Fans already knew that Mino has a goofy personality. Kyuhyun’s pessimism, on the other hand, was something I found out while interacting with him,” she said. “I think his pessimism is due to the fact that he is a very careful person,” the producer continued, “We were able to capture both their personalities just the way they were. Things like this can’t be made up.”

Next, the producer shared her thoughts on working with Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and Eun Ji Won once again. “Without the original cast, we would not have thought to add new members to the show. This was possible because we had confidence in their abilities, and believed they could provide guidance to the newer members,” she said. “Our trust is a result of the long time experience we have working with them,” PD Shin Hyo Jung continued, “Kang Ho Dong is a leader and Lee Soo Geun and Eun Ji Won do a great job at playing a supporting role.”

When asked about Kang Ho Dong’s difficulties in the first season, the producer clarified his performance while complimenting him. “At first, Kang Ho Dong was reserved because it was his first time filming a program like ‘New Journey To The West’ and working with a new broadcasting station. However, he has adapted to become a stronger leader for the younger cast,” she continued. “Kang Ho Dong is also a very real and funny person. His reactions are hilarious, especially when he is caught off guard. Our production team tries to put him in difficult situations to get the best reactions out of him,” the producer unveiled as she praised the entertainer’s performance on the show.

Lastly, Shin Hyo Jung commented on the future of the program. “As of right now, I haven’t considered changing the cast for the next season of the show. Since everyone is busy however, we are trying to figure out if we can amend everyone’s schedule and make it work,” she said, giving fans hope for the return of the third season cast in the next season. “New Journey to the West” will return with a fourth season in June 2017.

Where do you think the “New Journey to the West” team is headed next?

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