Project RAINZ, the collective formed by the agencies of the RAINZ members, has released an official statement following the cancellation of their upcoming concerts.

On December 15, a notice was posted on RAINZ’s official fan cafe that the scheduled “RAINZ Day” fan concerts that were to be held in Seoul on December 26 and 27, as well as in Busan on December 29, had been cancelled. They added, “The cancellation of the concerts was unavoidable due to an internal situation within the production agency that was in charge of the concerts.”

Project RAINZ continued on to state, “It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that we inform you of this cancellation. We ourselves received the cancellation notice from the production company while we were preparing for the concert today.”

They concluded with, “We would like to apologize once more to all of the fans who had  taken an interest and were excited for the upcoming concerts as they were supposed to be RAINZ’s first concerts.”

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