Remember back in 2018 when EXO debuted a blessing, called “Love Shot”, to the world? Legends have it that Kai was the cherry on top for their highly successful promotions.

exo kai love shot legend 1

And with one GIF you’ll be reminded why… ????

But there’s literal proof that EXO’s Kai made legend that very year. He’s achieved the title of having not just one but three fan cams garner over 4 million views!

That’s right! Not just MV but fancams!

exo kai love shot 1

But these insanely high views aren’t that surprising… Kai was a thirst trap for EXO-Ls all over the world with one simple move!

And he’ll forever go down in history as the “Love Shot” icon!

exo kai love shot legend 2

Start your week right with a medley of Kai’s “Love Shot” vibes: