Following our previous report regarding an investigation into several celebrities, including Jo Hye Ryun, Kim Sarang, Lee Da Hae, and Yoon Eun Hye among others, in regards to a potential celebrity prostitution ring, the Ansan branch of the public prosecutor’s office has released their finding on December 19 in an effort to dispel any rumors regarding the investigation and the celebrities involved.  

In the early morning of December 19, the Ansan office announced that they would be releasing the results of their investigation into a possible prostitution ring later in the afternoon. This comes after rumors began to propagate across the internet that named several celebrities and claimed that they were involved in this scandal. The celebrities involved in that rumor have vowed to take legal action against the people responsible for the rumors

At 2PM on December 19, the Ansan office finally put the above rumors to bed by announcing to the press that the celebrities that were previously being mentioned in the rumors had absolutely no connections with this prostitution ring.  An official from the prosecutor’s office has stated that “I feel sorry for the people that have been affected by the rumors being spread through social networking services.” and that they have “Quickly concluded investigations so that they may recover quickly and to prevent any further harm.”

However this is not the end of the investigations as they have announced plans to charge 12 people with regards to the prostitution ring, three males and nine females. One of these people are being charged for acting as a broker for the ring while the rest is being charged for prostitution. The names of these people have not been revealed with the prosecution explaining that “Some of the women being charged have previously appeared on TV” but has also explained that “It’s difficult to call them celebrities” because “It’s a bit ambiguous to call someone a celebrity when they appeared once on a cable channel program 3 years ago.”

Besides the group of 12, another eight individuals that were previously questioned in regards to this issue has been cleared of any charges. Reports so far state that the broker is a 30’s male that works in the entertainment industry as a stylist. The prosecution also states that sessions ranged in cost from approximately USD$3000 to more than USD$50,000 and that a few of the people involved also engaged in sessions with clients overseas. 

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