Prosecution demanded imprisonment for Bobby Kim, who was indicted without arrest for making a scene and sexually assaulting a flight attendant inside an airplane.

In the court proceedings at the Incheon district court on June 1, the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office requested one year of imprisonment, two years of probation, and 5,000,000 won (~$5000 USD) in fines.

Bobby Kim admitted to all charges also on the same day and asked for favorable arrangements.

He was charged for yelling and pulling a flight attendant close to him by her waist while drunk on January 7 on a Korean Air flight from Incheon to San Francisco. It was revealed that Bobby Kim admitted to some of the charges during investigations.

Bobby Kim revealed during police investigations, “There was an issue with the seating classes so I complained. However, the seat never got changed so I was sitting in the economy seats and in order to try to sleep, I drank six glasses of wine.” He also said, “I did make a scene because I was drunk, but I can’t remember anything specific that happened because I was so drunk.”

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