The third episode of SBS’ “Protect The Boss,” which aired yesterday, was named the day’s most-watched TV program in Seoul.

After last week’s strong start, with the drama placing second in both nationwide and Seoul ratings, “Protect The Boss” finally reached the top spot. 

According to TNmS, “Protect The Boss” brought in 15.3% of viewers nationwide, and had 18.3% viewership in Seoul alone. This made the drama the top drama for its Wednesday-Thursday time slot, and also the top-viewed TV program in Seoul, surpassing the second-placed program by nearly 3%.

Kim Jaejoong, who plays Cha Mu Won, also recently contributed to the drama’s OST. The track “I Will Protect You“, the lyrics of which he himself wrote, was revealed in the third episode. The sound track now boasts of tracks from A Pink, Lyn, and now JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong.

Source: jyj3, TNmS