Psy is confirmed as one of the three judges for Mnet‘s “Super Star K4.” After confirming Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jong Shin’s continued appearances as judges, the producers of the show have confirmed Psy as the third judge.

A representative from the production team explained, “The production team of ‘Super Star K4’ invested much to have Psy on the show. Psy has the skills of a producer like Yoon Jong Shin while having an active singing career. We believe that Psy has received love calls from other audition programs but he has chosen ‘Super Star K.’”

Psy is deemed to be one of the few singers with great musical skills as well as being a talented performer, artist, and entertainer. Psy is a singer-songwriter and the creative mind behind his performances. Many are anticipating that Psy will be able to judge the contestants on not just their vocal skills but also their dance, performance, and stage appearance skills. Psy has already appeared on Mnet “Super Star K” and SBSK-Pop Star” as a guest judge, showing his witty yet sharp critiques.

In addition, Psy and Lee Seung Chul’s close friendship is also garnering attention. Many fans are anticipating much banter from the two close friends.

“Super Star K4” will hold its local auditions until April 7 and begin airing on April 8.