PSY has graced the cover of November’s Billboard Magazine!

On October 26, PSY tweeted a surprise message that read, “I AM the Cover of BILLBOARD!” Along the message, PSY shared a photo of the cover, which had the headline, “500,000,000 PSY FANS CAN”T BE WRONG.”

Below the headline, it says, “How the K-Pop breakout star harnessed the power of YouTube, Ellen, SNL, The Today Show, and more to become music’s new global brand,” and “Plus: Inside K-Pop’s Music Factories.” We haven’t had a chance to get access to the article yet, but we’ll make sure to share it with you once we find it!

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has brought in more than 500 million views so far, becoming the third most watched video on YouTube. PSY is currently in the U.S., promoting his upcoming U.S. debut album.