International star Psy has shared a few words before leaving Korea.

On October 15, Psy was seen at the Incheon International Airport on his way to Australia. He is traveling to Australia to appear on “The X-Factor Australia.” Afterwards, he will continue on his way to the US for various promotions and activities, including working on a new single.

Many fans and people were gathered at the airport to cheer for Psy. He shared, “Each time I come here, I am so thankful. I am so sorry for any trouble that I caused and I will work hard overseas before I return.”

Psy continued, “I also said this during the City Hall concert but thank you so much for giving so much excessive love for a sinner like me,” and “I’ll probably feel lonely at times when I’m promoting overseas but all of these cheers will be great strength to me.” When he said “sinner,” Psy was referring to his past scandals of drug use and incomplete military service.

He continued, “I will work hard before I return,” with a fighting air as he proceeded to dance his “horse riding” dance into the departure gate.

Psy has been enjoying the number 2 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 for three weeks straight and will try once again for the coveted number 1 spot.