Psy has been named the Korean foreigners would most want to meet, beating several well-known Korean figures. Travel agency Cosmojin Tour ran a survey on August 23 and 24 asking 150 foreigners who they most wanted to meet in Korea. According to Cosmojin Tours, Psy raked in 56% of the votes, taking home the title. Soccer player Park Ji Sung, the captan of the English club Queens Park Rangers, came in second with 17% of the votes, while President Lee Myung Bak followed with 12%. The reigning Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna came in fourth in 9% of the votes.

When asked why they wanted to meet the respective public figures, 72% voted “because they’re famous.” 19% of the people choose “because I’m curious,” while 7% replied “because I want them to be my role models.”

Meanwhile, Psy has become an international sensation with his latest hit track “Gangnam Style.” As of today, Psy’s music video for “Gangnam Style” has hit over 73 million views.