On October 25, Psy appeared on a CNN program and was interviewed by one of CNN’s most popular reporters Shanon Cook about his new status as a world star, follow-up albums and tracks, and other things American people want to know about him.  

On the topic of his future songs, Psy responded “My next song is going to be half in Korean and half in English. I’m thinking about a new signature dance. It might not be as powerful and addictive as the horse riding dance, but I’m expecting it to welcomed just as much.” He added, “One thing that I know for sure is that it won’t be another ‘Gangnam Style.’ I can’t stay ‘Gangnam Style’ forever.”  

When Shannon Cook asked about his new worldwide popularity, Psy said that he himself doesn’t really understand it either. He stated, “Before coming back to the states, I went to Australia. ‘Gangnam Style’ was ranked at the top of their music chart for three weeks. Before I got there, I was curious to know if people will recognize me. Then when I was going through the customs, the agent there asked me to teach him how to do the horse dance. I couldn’t believe it. I asked myself if this was reality or not.” 

He also explained his changed status in Korea. First, his family is confused and wondering if this whole this is going to be okay. He said, “they ask me, ‘is this going to be alright?’ and ‘don’t you think you’re going to all these different countries a little too often?’” The second change in his life is that Koreans all over the world are now very proud of him. He said, “Koreans who live outside of Korea are all really proud of me. I don’t think I deserve that. I was notorious in Korea. In some aspects, I was a bad ass. But all of sudden, people are telling me to take care of myself, that they are proud of me. It’s a big burden and yet, I am very touched by them.”  

Shannon Cook commented, “Congratulations. You’re a bad ass,” and Psy couldn’t hold his laughter back. 

Lastly, Psy commented on why he thinks “Gangnam Style” became so popular. He said that it’s because “Gangnam Style” is fun. He commented, “I released this song in the middle of summer and economically, things were just not that great. I couldn’t think of anything else of myself and my role as an entertainer other than giving everyone fun and joy through my song, dance, and music video.”