Psy became Lee Seung Hoon‘s mentor on the upcoming episode of SBS “K-Pop Star.” Viewers and fans are already anticipating to watch this unique combination of talents on screen. Psy visited Lee Seung Hoon, who safely landed a spot on the final Top 5, while he was practicing and volunteered to train him as a special mentor. 

Psy and Lee Seung Hoon previously met on “K-Pop Star.” At the time, Psy praised Lee Seung Hoon after watching him performing self-written rap and choreography, “You are gonna accomplish something.” PSY added, “You must meet me later.” After three months, Psy followed through with his comment, which seemed like a mere joke at the time.

Upon their reunion, Psy greeted Lee Seung Hoon by saying, “I knew we were going to meet again.” He continuously encouraged and cheered for Lee Seung Hoon through out their mentoring session together. A source tells that the rendezvous of the two was filled with joy and delightful spirit. During their session together, Psy gave Lee Seung Hoon some interesting advices. He said, “You’ve become way too serious lately. You seem too normal. Don’t pressure yourself to be too serious or do well.” He also complimented Lee Seung Hoon, “Your performance of ‘Father’ made me cry.” 

An official from “K-Pop Star” commented, “Driven by Psy’s encouragement, Lee Seung Hoon is confidently and diligently preparing for his upcoming live performance. All three agencies–SM, YG, and JYP–are doing their best in supporting the top 5 contestants. There will be much improved performances on the 6th live broadcasting of ‘K-Pop Star.’” 

Viewers and fans will be able to watch the remaining five contestants of ‘K-Pop STar” performing live on April 8 at 6:20pm KST.