Contrary to earlier reports, PSY’s U.S. debut album is expected to include songs with English lyrics, local media reported on October 9.

According to reports, PSY’s U.S. debut album is scheduled for release on November 15. The album was initially reported to only have Korean versions of his previous songs, but now it’s being reported that his plan has changed and it will include a new English song written and composed by PSY himself.

Despite his busy schedule, touring college festivals and special events in Korea, PSY reportedly has been squeezing his time to come up with a new song, and is planning to finish the recording of his U.S. debut album during his stay in Korea as well, the report said.

Meanwhile, on October 8, the “Gangnam Style” music video has surpassed the 400 million view mark on YouTube and ranked #9 most watched video in YouTube history. The “Gangnam Style” single is currently ranked #2 on both the U.S. Billboard singles chart and UK music chart.

PSY is expected to fly to Australia on October 15 to begin his overseas promotions. He will head to the U.S. and prepare for his debut after wrapping up his Australian tour.