PSY’s “Gangnam Style” continues to go viral! The music video for “Gangnam Style” has amassed over 10 million hits recently, leading to coverage from Huffington Post and CNN (after getting mentioned by Gawker and a number of Western artists earlier this week).

In an article titled, “PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’: K-Pop Star’s Viral Comeback Is Impossible To Resist,” the Huffington Post describes PSY as “hard to forget,” and “how obsessed we’ve found ourselves (with the MV).” (Read the article here!)

CNN also reported on the popularity of “Gangnam Style,” even playing the MV for a few seconds. It mentioned how Robbie Williams and T-Pain tweeted about the video and the millions of views it’s received on YouTube. Shanon Cook, the New York correspondent, said, “It’s the video to watch. I have to admit I watched it over 15 times.” (Watch the video here!)

Netizens commented, “PSY finally gets international recognition,” “Is it really that good?” and “I’m absolutely loving it.”

If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you watch the MV below!