Adding to an already overwhelming list of banned songs in the music market, singer Psy recently announced that his fifth album title track, “Right Now“, was confirmed to be of R19 material by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for obscenity in its lyrics. 

“Not long ago, I was told this baffling truth… The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family claimed my song ‘Right Now’ to be R19 material… They said it’s because of the lyric, ‘Life is like toxic alcohol’,” said Psy on September 6. “This is exactly why life is like toxic alcohol.”

Numerous idol songs have already been banned for minors in the last month alone. Some of these songs include BEAST‘s “On Rainy Days“, Baek Ji Young’s “I Can’t Drink”, and 2PM‘s “Hands Up”.

MOGEF claims that these songs are inappropriate for minors due to possible negative influence on teenagers, and stated that they are forbidden to be played in public areas before 10 PM.

Fans and netizens have been expressing their disbelief with comments such as, “I don’t understand them,” “Do they expect us to only listen to happy children’s songs?”, and “This is really getting out of line. By the end of this, there won’t be any songs to listen to anymore.”