An upcoming episode of SBS “Good Morning” will be featuring Psy. When people see Psy performing, they often say something along the line of “He must me crazy” in awe. Everything becomes shocking when Psy does it, even internationally popular songs like Beyonce‘s “Single Lady” or other female idol groups songs. He performs theses songs with undeniable talent and confidence, and people in the audience can see such energy. They not only see the energy of Psy, but also join him and revive themselves. Therefore, Psy calls his performing venues, “Rehabilitation Centers.”

It is as if Psy is addicted to performing as much as we are addicted to him. He performs at his concerts, college festivals, broadcasting shows, singing and dancing away his days and nights, but he is also a father and a husband to some people. Whenever he finally returns home, Psy’s twin daughters say, “Dad, let’s live together now.” This is because of Psy’s undying passion and love for performing. He often stays out practicing and coming up with new ideas for future performances. 

Psy also seems as if he would have a very loving and close relationship his father, as he has written a song called “Father” in the past, Psy only got his father’s approval recently. In the past, Psy’s father used to call Psy “idiot,” because he was unhappy with Psy’s reading habits, or lack there of, as he seldom picked up a book to read. More detailed stories about Psy and his family will be revealed on SBS “Good Morning” on October 12.