Every now and then we find traces of anime in the world of K-pop. Many K-pop idols grew up watching the same animes we loved as children. I would say that both K-pop and anime were an integral part of my childhood. That is why seeing my favorite K-pop idols reference ‘Pokemon’ or ‘Naruto’ always makes me smile. Can we guess which highly recommended anime would best embody your personality?

Take this quiz and find out:

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“Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?” ask my relatives. I shrug and tell them I’m too busy, declining to mention the fact that I am actually in multiple parasocial relationships with my favorite celebrities. It’s the fan-girl life for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Join me, somilha, as I consume more K-pop, more dramas, and anything I can get my hands on through the internet.