It is time, PENTAGON fans! To celebrate their successful comeback with “CRITICAL BEAUTY,” we sat down with these talented guys to learn as much as possible about them – and to help you find your PENTAGON Soulmate!

That’s right – we’re here with our latest edition of the Soompi Soulmate Challenge starring PENTAGON! As usual, the quiz is 100% based on the members real answers so whoever you get is your soulmate – no take backs (just kidding, kind of).

Take the quiz, tweet @Soompi with your results using the hashtag #SoulmateChallenge, and then watch the full interview video to find out who said what! Which member is a pro at group promotion? Who had the serious giggles during filming? And exactly which answers did your fave say? You have to watch the video to find out!


Finished the quiz? Tweet us your results using #SoulmateChallenge and now you’re allowed to:


Don’t forget to let us know who your soulmate is and be sure to continue supporting PENTAGON and streaming “CRITICAL BEAUTY”!