On December 30, radio DJ Bae Chul Soo went on stage to present awards at the 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards.

During his speech, Bae Chul Soo mentioned his brief encounter with Jonghyun in last year’s MBC Entertainment Awards..

He explained, “Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Jonghyun, who was the MC of radio show ‘Blue Night’ at the time, presented the award [to me]. I remember vividly because I met Sunny after a long time, so we gave each other a hug. She asked for the hug first.”

The DJ reminisced, “We hugged, and Jonghyun also asked for a hug, so I gave him one too. I regret not hugging him tighter.”

Bae Chul Soo finished his speech by offering his condolences. “He was a friend that loved radio and music, so I want to take this opportunity to once again say rest in peace, Jonghyun.”

Above image is of Jonghyun and Bae Chul Soo embracing each other during the 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards.

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