Korean super star Rain is set to come back to the small screen this fall alongside Lee Na Young in the KBS2 drama tentatively titled “Fugitive.” The drama is slated to be a romantic comedy with lots of detective-work action.

Unexpectedly, pictures were released for the drama today showing Lee Na Young and Rain in a nighttime setting wearing dark-colored clothes. The production team behind the drama stated that filming was conducted in secrecy to allow them both to concentrate completely on their acting. Lee Na Young’s character is supposed to be appealing to men because of her “pure and innocent” image. Rain, on the other hand, portrays a character with a happy and cheerful image. His character is supposed to be involved in an unsolved case.

Take a look at the pictures below:

Though it was their first filming for the new drama, both actors seemed at ease with each other. They were playful, energetic, and enthusiastic.

“Fugitive” will air on KBS2 this fall. Other filming locations include Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Beijing, Macau, Thailand, Shanghai, and so forth.


sources: nate, naver