It was announced that South Korea’s munti-talented star, Rain (비), has been nominated for the MTV Movie Awards.

But is Rain really the first Korean to be nominated?

Actor John Cho (Harold and Kumar, Star Trek) has also been nominated in previous years for his roles.

Rain’s role is the most prominent between him and actor John Cho for Rain’s stronger connection to South Korea.

Though many arguments have sprung about who was the first Korean actor nominated, we can all say that Rain was the first Korean citizen to be nominated, whereas Cho is an American citizen.

Rain, being widely known through America though his music and multi-million dollar hit feature film Ninja Assasin, is the first Korean to be nominated for such award. This new milestone of Rain’s would allow him to be viewed by millions of young people, garnering more attention to not only him, but to South Korea’s booming music and film scene as a whole.

Rain has been nominated for “Best Badass” and is up against stars such as Christian Bale (The Dark Night, Terminator Salvation), Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man 2), Sam Worthington (Avatar), and Brad Pitt (The Inglourious Basterds).

You can go to MTV.Com to vote for Rain starting May 12th.

The MTV Movie Awards will be broadcasted on June 6th, 2010.