Just when Rain started adapting to twitter and gaining a good following (nearly 24,000 followers already!), he mysteriously vanished with no explanation!

His twitter account, 29rain, was created shortly after the MTV Movie Awards, where he won “Biggest Badass Star” for his role in “Ninja Assassin”.  He tweeted his thanks to Channing Tatum, who congratulated him on his win, and even sent out a couple of tweets to MBLAQ.  In the last day or so, it was discovered that his tweets disappeared, leaving fans wondering where he went and what happened. His twitter account is still activated, so it seems there is a possibility he might return to twitter in the future.

Did he really delete his tweets because of the rumors that surfaced about him and Jeon Ji Hyun dating? Many netizens believe so. Or, perhaps putting out tweets was too stressful and time-consuming? Only Rain knows, and he certainly isn’t going to tell us anytime soon!

Picture of Rain’s twitter before (courtesy of KBites):



Picture of Channing Tatum’s congratulatory message to Rain for his win:


 Picture of Rain’s twitter after:


 Source: Rain’s twitter


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