Hot on the heels of the recent news reports that pop star Rain and actress Jeon Ji Hyun have been dating for months, Rain has released a statement denying any relationship.  In addition, his associates have confirmed his plans to sue Daily Sports Seoul, the newspaper which released paparazzi photos of him and Jeon Ji Hyun standing outside her apartment complex. 

“My conscience is clear and I have nothing to fear,” said Rain during a telephone interview with Daily Hankook.  “Daily Sports Seoul has been spying on me for a year.  They claim that they have concrete evidence.  I ask them to show me this evidence.”  He also stated that he has only met Jeon Ji Hyun a few times.

He also explained that the Cartier “couples ring” he had been photographed wearing was actually a “family ring” also worn by his father and brother.  “I’ll display our family rings on my Twitter,” said Rain.  At this time, Rain has not confirmed having an official Twitter account.


Source: Daily Hankook