Rain will be releasing his new single, “Busan Lady,” at midnight on August 16th. Rain said the reason he chose the title was because the first stop of his nationwide concert is Busan.

His agency said, “Written and produced by Rain, ‘Busan Lady’ will be released as a digital single. It was supposed to be in Rain’s next album, but he decided to reveal it ahead so he could perform it at his nationwide concert that begins in Busan on August 13th.”

However, Rain said he will change the title and lyrics during his nationwide concert based on the city he performs in. For example, when he’s in Gwangju, it will change to “Gwangju Lady,” and when he’s in Daegu, it will be called, “Daegu Lady.”

“Rain is committed to his nationwide concert right now, so he has no plans of promoting the song on TV,” an official from Rain’s agency said. “This song is solely for the fans at the concert. It’s his gift to the fans before enlisting in Korean military this year.”

Rain’s nationwide concert, “The Best Show,” begins on August 13th in Busan, and will visit Daegu, Jaeju, Gwangju, Daejun, and Seoul until September 25th.