Actress Shin Se Kyung has revealed the true identity of world star Rain, also known as Jung Ji Hoon.

On August 8, Shin Se Kyung appeared on tvN’s “Taxi” and talked about her friendship with Rain, with whom she had participated in movie “R2B.”

On this episode, when asked, “Are you close with Rain?” Shin answered, “Yes, I am close. Rain has a really great personality. Of the actors I’ve worked with so far, the age gap is the smallest with him. There is still an eight-year gap though. It could be awkward and difficult because he’s a senior so above me, but he made it really comfortable for me.”

Shin continued, “Rain is playful and  has a lot of aegyo. On stage, he is masculine and macho-like, (but in real life) he’s the complete opposite. He’s actually more like an ajumma. He’s like the “ajumma next door,” and drew much laughter.