Singer and actor Rain is almost at the end of his contract with Cube Entertainment.

According to industry insiders, Rain’s 2-year contract with Cube Entertainment will terminate at the end of this month. It has been reported that he is currently discussing his prospects with his acquaintances regarding what he will do next. He may decide to renew his contract with Cube, or he may become a free agent without a contract.

An acquaintance of Rain told Star News, “I’m under the impression that he has talked to the company CEO multiple times regarding a renewal of contract. But nothing has been decided. He will most likely make a decision pretty soon, since he doesn’t have much time left.”

After being discharged from his mandatory military service, Rain signed with Cube Entertainment in September of 2013. He had a comeback with his sixth album “Rain Effect” under Cube. He also had a comeback as an actor in November of last year with “She’s So Lovable.”

The popular entertainer has maintained a close relationship with Cube’s CEO Hong Seung Sung, who worked with him since his JYP Entertainment days.

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