Rain had nothing but praise for BTS in a recent interview.

On February 20, the actor of the upcoming film “Uhm Bok Dong” spoke about the popularization of Korean culture and the “BTS syndrome.”

Rain was described as a “world star” after working in Korea and abroad as a singer and an actor. Recently, BTS has been recognized for promoting Korean culture and music all over the world through their music.

“People called me a world star at the time because it wasn’t something that had happened before, but I think it was an exaggeration,” said Rain. “I think that all Koreans currently working abroad should be applauded.”

He continued, “Because of them, people in other countries are learning about Korean culture and studying the Korean language. When I went on overseas tours in the past, I had to do the Q&A in English. But now when I ask in Korean, [the fans] understand everything and respond. They’re studying through YouTube because of K-pop singers, Korean actors, and Korean content.”

“In that sense, BTS is really amazing and wonderful,” added Rain. “I also think that others, including TWICE, need to be more recognized from here on out. I sometimes meet up with PSY and say that I’m so happy. PSY and I are both producing. If groups like BTS and TWICE do well now, then a bigger star can come out in the future. I think it’s a proper phenomenon.”

Rain will be making a comeback to the big screen through the film “Uhm Bok Dong,” which is based on a true story about a cyclist who wins first place in a bicycle race during the Japanese colonial era.

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