Rain shared an emotional moment with the contestants of KBS’s “The Unit” as he gave them warm and encouraging words of comfort ahead of the show’s first elimination.

The episode of KBS 2TV’s idol rebooting project “The Unit” that aired on December 9 showed Rain sitting in front of the contestants ahead of the eliminations. The atmosphere was tense and Rain tried to help everyone relax by saying, “Who knows? The people who get eliminated may end up doing even better. Some of you may become the next big idols.” He joked, “When that happens, you better not pretend to not know me.”

He also confessed, “Usually, I’m much sharper with my words but on this show, I’m always worried that my words may be too hurtful to you guys. On the other hand, I still have the responsibility of pointing out your faults so you can fix them. It hasn’t been an easy road.”

The contestants shed tears as they were comforted by the concern and warmth in their mentor’s voice and Rain continued, “I hope you remember one thing. I know this moment will be sad and painful for some of you, but you never know how things will turn out eventually. Sometimes, things don’t go your way and you might get eliminated today, but you have to overcome it. As long as you hold on, there will come a day when your flower will bloom. That moment doesn’t necessarily have to happen here.”

You can watch the latest available episode of “The Unit” below.

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