Rain tweeted a couple of exciting messages and a photo on August 9th regarding his upcoming nationwide concert tour in Korea.

“The concert is just a few days away now hehe. I’m practicing really hard. It starts on Saturday from Busan lol. First concert…it’s been 10 years since my debut but it’s my first nationwide concert tour,” the singer/actor said. “Oh! And since I’ve only done overseas concerts lately, I’m preparing a special event for Korean fans this time. Look forward to it~~~” he added.

In the photo, Rain is seen with a mic in his hand practicing songs. His serious facial expression, and the towel and water bottles in front of him show how hard he’s been practicing for this concert.

Fans who saw this photo commented, “I’m really looking forward to the concert,” and “Special event just for Korean fans? I can’t wait!”

Rain will go on a Korea nationwide concert tour from August 13th to the 25th. This is going to be the star singer’s last concert before enlisting in Korean military later this month.