A representative of the military announced after a special hearing that Rain will not receive punishment and finish his military duty as planned.

The Department of Defense Public Affairs held a conference about the special investigation on celebrity soldiers. During the conference the representative announced, “Sergeant Jung Ji Hoon will be discharged as scheduled with no punishment. What we know is that after a performance Rain went to eat dinner with some officials and then went home. He only drank alcohol because he was encouraged to and he was not involved in the current controversy.”

The current controversy the official is referring to is the recent scandal of celebrity soldiers visiting adult massage parlors during their service. Along with reports that Rain and other celebrities receive more vacation days than the average soldier, the issue of special treatment for celebrities in the military have become a hot focus in Korea. 

The official also announced that the investigation on the other celebrity controversies is still ongoing and that the Ministry of Defense has plans to hold another press conference sometime next week.