Rain revealed a photo of him that showed his meeting Richard Gere. (Yep, that Richard Gere!)

On his twitter for August 5th, Rain wrote, “I am so happy. I can’t describe it in words. I received an offer to work on a big project. So I met him. Please anticipate the project that will occur after three years. With Mr. Richard.”

In the picture, Rain is smiling with Richard Gere.

Netizens have commented, “Wow that is great,” “I will anticipate three years later,” “you are a true world star,” “Congratulations, you must be so happy.”

Rain will enter his obligatory military service at the end of this year. On August 13th and 14th he will hold concerts in Busan. After the Busan concert he will hold a concert in Daegu (August 27th), Jeju (September 3rd), Gwangju (September 17th), Daejeon (September 18th), and in Seoul on September 24th and September 25th. Also, Rain is currently filming a movie. “Flight: Close to the Sun,” featuring Rain and Shin Se Kyung, is an action blockbuster about a flight lieutenant on the Korean Air Force