In a Tweet made on August 15th popular singer Rain wrote, “Ke, ke, ke!  Today is the day, finally at midnight; ‘Busan Woman’ will be released.  I hope you really enjoy it, we found her for Busan fans. Ha, ha, ha!”  Along with his message Rain uploaded a very interesting photo.

In the photo Rain had transformed into the popular anime heroine “Sailor Moon”.  The picture was made by compositing Rain’s face onto an image of Sailor Moon.  Rain is seen sporting a cute and wide smile in the photograph.

Netizen’s reacted saying, “Absolutely cute.  I couldn’t stop laughing.”, “Funny how well this goes together.”, and “’Busan Woman’” I can’t wait.”

“Busan Woman”’s song and lyrics were based on his own experiences.  The music video was released on the midnight of August 16th and with its release has gained positive attention from his fans.

What do you think of ‘Sailor Rain’?

Source: Rain’s Twitter via Naver