It’s an “Emergency”! Rain is eating with the cast…over. On July 21st, the forever sexy and internationally renowned star Rain tweeted an interesting photo of himself. It is find Mr. Precipitation Day in the following image! He is seen seated at a table with a group of people. Those people are his castmates in the upcoming movie entitled “Emergency: Closer To The Sun.” He along with his co-star Shin Se Kyung are enjoying a meal with everyone on set.

His soon-to-be released flick is a remake of the 1964 classic “The Red Scarf”. This time around, Rain portrays a military pilot, while Se Kyung transforms into a mechanic. Their director, Kim Dong Wan, will make their love story come to life on-screen.

What do you think of the “Emergency” cast photo? Besides the incredible Rain, can you spot any additional actors who are your favorites?

Credit: @29rain