Rain tweeted a couple of photos from the filming set of new movie, “Flight: Close to the Sun,” today.

In the first tweet, he said, “All the staff has been filming here for over 24 hours…At least I rested for about two hours~” with a photo of the movie set and artificial cockpit that is used for one of his scenes. 

Moments later he tweeted another message saying, “I’m sitting here for 20 straight hours…the oxygen mask is fake. I can’t breathe, cough cough.” In the photo, Rain is seen dressed as a fighter pilot, which is his role in “Flight: Close to the Sun.”

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “It must be tough, stay strong!” “Be careful not to be dehydrated,” and “You’re so cool!”

“Flight: Close to the Sun,” featuring Rain and Shin Se Kyung, is an action blockbuster about a flight lieutenant on the Korean Air Force, and it will be Rain’s last movie before joining the military later this year.