Girl group Rainbow member, Jaekyung, shared a selca picture showing off her superior body. The singer posted the selca picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Hope today will be a ‘fighting’ day” on March 5.

In the picture, Jaekyung is flaunting a plain white blouse with her long, straight hair and posing for the camera. Her pure and innocent beauty is displayed despite not being in a revealing outfit. Jaekyung also gained attention for her glamorous and curvaceous body in her simple white blouse.

Fans and netizens who saw the selca picture commented, “It will be impossible to get a girl friend like Jaekyung right?”, “I have a similar outfit like that… But I do not look like that when I wear it,” and “I think straight hair in a white blouse brings more of a sexy charm than a pure and innocent one.”