Rainbow’s Jaekyung is cast as the female lead “Na Yumi” for the upcoming JTBC drama “Monster.” The drama will begin its broadcast on March 31. In the past, Jaekyung had cameos in the drama “Daemul (Big Thing)” and the film “Heartbeat.”

Jaekyung stated, “It is the first time I am acting in a regular drama. I was nervous and made a lot of mistakes but I am learning a lot from my seniors and colleagues. I hope that you have a lot of interest for “Monster” which is my acting debut.”

A representative of the drama stated, “Jaekyung was perfect for the role of ‘Na Yumi,’ because of her sexiness on stage and her easy-going off the wall personality shown on variety shows. She is very enthusiastic during filming and is also the ice breaker on set.”

The other notable cast of the show will be actors Ahn Yong Joon and Kwon Sae In.

Check Out the Teaser Below: