Rainbow’s Go Woori revealed the secret for her dieting. On August 16th through her twitter she wrote, “I am currently on a potato diet! I just came back from watching a Hanbok fashion show.” (Hanbok is the traditional attire for Koreans, similar to the Kimono for the Japanese)

The pictures reveal Go Woori’s secret for dieting which is a diet lunchbox. Inside of the lunchbox contains round pieces of potato, bell tomatoes, and grapes.

Netizens have commented, “I will also start a diet from today!” “How can you live off that food?” “This is how you keep in shape” “Your expression is so cute~!

Rainbow has now officially teased their debut into the Japanese music scene! Through their Japanese site, Universal site, Korean DSP Media homepage, and Youtube DSP channel they revealed teaser pictures of their album jacket and also a teaser clip for the Japanese version of “A.

The Japanese album that is being released will feature the Japanese version of “A” and also a special DVD, photo album, and bonus tracks. Each of these features is a version of the album being released, so there are three versions of the Japanese album being released in total.