It appears that Rainbow’s Jae Kyung is trying to become the “Chuseok Queen” because she is appearing on 7 different special programs during the national holiday. (Chuseok is the equivalent of thanksgiving and is a three-day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is a celebration of good harvest.)

According to Rainbow’s agency on August 23rd, She will be appearing on MBC’s “Idol Track and Field Competition,” “I am a Trot Singer,” and SBS’ “Couple Dance Crash.” Because of this, Jae Kyung is currently spending busy days because of filming and preparing to appear on these shows.

Jae Kyung has stated, “We now have schedules before and after Chuseok in Japan for our Japanese debut, before I would have to be away from Korean fans but I was allowed to appear on many variety shows, I am happy that I have some way of connecting with Korean fans.

She continued, “I hope that your short Chuseok holiday is plentiful and happy, in order to help achieve this I will try my best for the variety show appearances.”

Rainbow will release their first Japanese single album on September 19th